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Wake up and Dance to a Different Tune!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

On the surface of things our senses tell us that we are separate individuals, living separate lives in a world that is divided into distinct countries with differing world views.  Our sense of reality is rooted in Newton’s model of a clockwork universe where man’s mind is separate from his mechanical body and separate from his environment.  Things only “exist” if we can experience them with our senses and can be scientifically measured, quantified and replicated in clinical experiments.  We have collectively bought into this old paradigm and the result is escalating dissent, hatred and conflict wherever we look. (more…)

How debilitating is your habit?

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

snowflake18Watching the snow falling softly, silently – a few flakes at first, growing in numbers until it was snowing heavily, blotting out the sky in a hushed, swirling, mesmerising dance.  Visibility was reduced to a few feet in front of my nose.  As flakes came to settle on my gloved hands I marvelled at each perfect crystal, knowing that each one was unique in structure. Softly innocent, silently innocuous.  Each flake was so tiny and yet, in combination with others, held such immense power to bring our lives to a standstill.

So miniscule and yet so cumulatively powerful as to transform our lives. (more…)

How do you keep alive the freshness and magic of Christmas?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Do you sometimes feel that we have all lost the plot – just a little bit – as we hurtle towards Christmas in a whirlwind of frantic preparations?  Spinning ever faster as we battle along crowded pavements looking for the perfect present, making endless lists to be worked through and ticked off.  Do you feel a rising sense of panic and desperation induced by the onslaught of tacky materialism?   Isn’t there more to it than this extravaganza of tawdry Santas’ grottos, tacky baubles and the increasingly aggressive, pressurising TV advertisements exhorting us to buy, buy, buy? (more…)