CoachingCoaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. We are more like an acorn, which contains all the potential to be a magnificent oak tree. We need nourishment, encouragement and the light to reach towards, but the oaktreeness is already within” John Whitmore

Coaching is neither counselling nor therapy.  Although coaching acknowledges the role of the past in forming the present situation, it looks forwards and focuses on solutions.  Coaching is a powerful partnership between yourself and your coach which provides structure, accountability and support.  It is tailor made to your unique requirements and works towards your personal and professional solutions.

There are many types of coaching, and some are more effective than others.  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaching is the result of studying and modelling the most effective forms of coaching available, combined with leading edge knowledge of human behaviour.  It is a powerful form of brief therapy that taps into the subconscious mind and enables transformation to take place from the inside out.

Coaching brings an understanding of the “inner game” that pre-empts our external performance in the world.  It is about unlocking your resources and activating your potential.  It provides powerful tools to enable you to re-engage with your life and empower you to be more effective in all that you do.  If we understand the conscious and unconscious structure of how we do what we do, then we have choices.  We have the choice to refine what we do; we have the choice to stop what we do if it is not working any more; we have the choice to do it differently.  By developing your potential and tapping into your resources and talents you are becoming truer to your self.  This in itself brings greater happiness and fulfilment.