Coaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials
“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” Plutarch

“The sessions were enjoyable and invigorating and, more importantly, they worked.  I am convinced that amongst all your techniques, there is some magic somewhere!”
Managing Partner of a law firm and president of a major British Charity

“I found the coaching sessions to be very valuable in helping me to develop my role as a corporate director making a transition from my previous hands-on service management role.  Your incisive style guided me through the complex mesh of blockages, filters and muddled thinking that constitutes my brain!  I particularly found the techniques to reframe my thinking and change my state of mind to be very powerful and I am actively practising them”.
Strategic Manager for a Hampshire District Council.

“Thank you so much for the coaching sessions which were thoroughly enjoyable and really helpful.  Looking back over the notes I was amazed at just how much we covered!  You’ve given me some really helpful tools and techniques and hints and tips which I am trying to put into practise.  I shall continue to revisit the learning too as I think I will truly realise the benefit over the long term.  Thank you again for all your help; it was a pleasure working with you”.
Deputy Chief Executive of a Hampshire District Council.

“It was a fantastic experience.  It was great to take time to reflect on me as a person.  I would have like a little longer as I was beginning to find out about my “inner self”.
Senior Leadership Team Member, Appleford School, Hertfordshire

“Having always stayed on top of my work and personal life, it was a complete shock when my second year of university threw me back. I was studying English Literature at Leeds and seemed to find myself fighting against a brick wall. Not only did I quickly lose confidence, but my marks also decreased. I had lost all motivation to try and fix my problems as the attitude of ‘I can’t do it, so I won’t do it’ set in.

In my negative outlook, I thought I was a lost cause and my dreams of getting a 2.1 were quickly slipping away. However, through my Mother, I went (admittedly very sceptically) to Caroline.

My initial thought was how can she help? Going to see a woman I didn’t know to talk about something personal, was daunting and in my opinion, there was no point.

However, as soon as I met Caroline, I immediately warmed to her; she was unbelievably friendly, unjudgemental and a good listener, all of which ensured that I did not feel embarrassed in telling her my peaks and troughs and what I was struggling with.

From this, we went through a range of activities, predominantly to do with my confidence levels, outlook on my degree and my emotions.

I think the main lesson I took away was how to channel my feelings and trick my brain into thinking positively. From this, I remained calm and focused throughout the rest of my degree, causing my marks to jump by 10 (over a term), obtaining firsts in my last term and overall gaining my 2.1 degree.

My time with Caroline was invaluable. Not only did she teach me to understand myself and tricks to ensure positive results in regards to my degree, but I also found I was able to extend these to all areas of my life. For example my ability to remain composed and determined has gained me a job and happiness throughout my social life.

I would recommend anyone of any age or background to go and see Caroline. She is truly an inspiration and ultimately gave me the confidence to carry on and achieve my dreams.”
Agi Heal, Bath

“I am absolutely thrilled with my results and I want to thank you so much for your help, without which there is no way I would have done so well.  I am eternally grateful that you have helped me towards my future.  Thank you so much”
K.Hughes, Dorset.

“Caroline immediately understood how my daughter would best be able to learn and retain information.  In a short time she succeeded in returning some confidence to her by showing her that she was not stupid and could cope.  Her GCSE results were better than we had dared hope.
L Green. Hampshire

“My 12 year old daughter is a keen tennis player and has started to compete in tournaments with mixed success.  It soon became apparent that she was finding it difficult to play her own game and developed a cautious approach which did not suit her usual style of aggressive hitting.  She was also very hard on herself and frustration would build up rapidly if she wasn’t winning easily.  It was very difficult to watch her struggling with a game that she loved so much.  She had desperation to succeed but seemed to give up too quickly when the going got tough.  I discussed this problem with a friend who suggested that NLP might help, so we arranged for my daughter to have two sessions with Caroline Mann.  In the subsequent match play she looked like a different child.  She played her normal game (often error strewn admittedly, but swinging freely) and battled from a set down to win a 3 set match.  She has been able to meet challenging opponents without mental collapse and learned how to lose with grace and win more matches in each tournament.  Most importantly, she is enjoying competition and looks forward to the greater challenges.  I hope that what she has learned from the NLP process can be carried into other areas of her life to prevent the “glass is always half empty” attitude that she tends to adopt.  Thank you Caroline”
S. Boyd.  Wiltshire

Her daughter wrote to me:
“I have new confidence and have won a couple of matches.  Even when I was losing a match, I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world because I was happier playing and more confident in myself.  I can tell that the future is going to be good.  Thank you for our sessions and hope to see you soon”.
M. Boyd.  Wiltshire

From a coaching client who was severely phobic about flying:
“Early on a Tuesday morning I drove my children through the brilliance of sunrise to Bristol Airport. We were flying to Croatia for a week to stay in the tiny and remote island village with the aim of enjoying a week of complete relaxation; swimming, snorkelling and sunshine. July in Britain had been wet, windy, and with lots of complicated issues to deal with at work – I was more than ready for a break. By 7am we were in the departure lounge, baggage checked in, waiting for the flight to be called. My children were sitting patiently, and eager to hear our flight called. As for me – I felt absolutely nothing. The holiday ahead was not yet a reality, and all I noticed was the ordinary tedium of any journey, the hassle of tickets and paperwork, the baggage, the queues. Inside I felt nothing at all.

How very different from the last time I was at an airport. The flight to Croatia was my eleventh ever journey by air, and on every other occasion I had been wracked by an overwhelming nervous anxiety; headaches, sweaty palms, hypersensitivity to every little thing that was happening around me. And then the feeling sick sensation that I had to wrestle with in order to hand in my ticket and actually board an aircraft. Once on board things were always much worse; blood drumming in my ears, palpitations, and breathing so erratically that I would get pins and needles in my hands and feet.

So for me, standing in the airport and feeling absolutely nothing was a real success! After a delay of forty minutes, we were called to board – I felt nothing. We bussed over to where the airplane stood on the runway glinting in the early morning sun, and I felt nothing. We boarded, found seats, stowed luggage in the overhead lockers and listened to the safety briefing and I still felt absolutely nothing. No anxiety, no fear. Not even the slightest glimmer. About 90 minutes into the flight the captain told us we were flying over the Alps. I craned my neck to see out of the window at the mountains far below, and that was it. From that point on I was mesmerised, completely entranced by the changing landscape beneath us, a delight that turned to sheer pleasure when flying over the Dalmation coast, seeing below us the islands we would so soon be visiting.

Why was this flight so different?

All it had taken was just two visits to Caroline in the month before flying. Using a powerful mixture of insight and techniques, Caroline had helped me find within myself a sense of spirit and strength. My own strength, my own spirit; but locked away from me through years of heedlessly building and reinforcing negative patterns. These largely unconscious patterns had for so long limited my resolve and created a cycle of fear and anxiety that I had attached to flying, amongst other things. With Caroline’s help, I was able to see these for what they were, and then using the hidden strengths I didn’t know I had, Caroline showed me how to make choices that were positive, powerful, mine. The flight to Croatia was great, the flight back good too. And as I look to the future with this knowledge – well the world is now very much my oyster, and I intend to explore it.
HF – Dorset

“I have been going through a very long and painful divorce and, despite excellent counselling and practising various relaxation techniques, I still felt stuck with my head buzzing day night with circular negative thinking which was extremely stressful and wearying. I simply felt unable to exit this loop and focus on a more positive outcome. Caroline’s approach, a unique mixture of NLP, coaching and hypnosis, helped me to accept the inevitable whilst at the same time look forward to a much happier future.  After the session I did as she suggested ……It worked and although the divorce process is still ongoing I am in a much healthier place and feel far more resourceful and positive”.
VS – London

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