Energy – why is it so important?


“Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter”. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate, 1937, Hungary.

Ancient knowledge, modern science and quantum healing.

Despite the fact that our senses tell us that we live in a world of solid objects and matter, modern science is confirming what the mystics have known for thousands of years.  Everything in the universe, including ourselves, is made up of energy which vibrates at different frequencies. Einstein’s equation E = mc2 (energy = matter x the speed of light squared) stated that matter and energy are two forms of the same thing; they have equal energy value.  Solid matter is just energy trapped in a phase state as either gas, liquid or solid and vibrating at a lower frequency.  What we can see and prove with our senses is only one billionth part of reality – and we tend to ignore the rest.  Energy medicine accepts this invisible energy force and realises that it is both the problem (when there is an energy blockage in the system) and the cure itself (the release of the blockage so energy flows once more).  It is a question of balance.

Every cell of our body “hums” at a particular frequency.  Together the cells, organs and systems of our bodies are vibrating at a specific energetic frequency in harmony with each other. They are like different musical instruments in an orchestra which harmonise to play our own distinct tune.


Every experience in our lives is stored as a memory.  However it is our perception of that event, and our emotional reaction to it, that is important not the event itself. Our memories are positively or negatively charged depending on the feelings that arise in response to the event. Not many people realise that these memories, are stored not only in the brain but also deep within the physical body at a cellular level. The ground breaking research of the neuroscientist, Candace Pert, has shown (1997) that the neurotransmitters that we think with are found in every cell of the body.  Where the emotional reaction to an event has been negative it will cause a lowering of the body’s vibration, centred on the area of the body that it is stored in.  It has the effect of contracting or diminishing us. This lowering of vibration can cause a disruption or blockage to the flow of energy in the body and can be a major cause of physical and mental illness.

droplet“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the ocean in a drop”. Rumi.

The cell biologist, Bruce Lipton’s pioneering research into our cells (2005) reveals that the cell has a memory that holds patterns which keep repeating over time, like ripples from an initial stone thrown into a pond. Every time a similar event (to the initial one) happens we have the same knee jerk reaction.  However, although we will always remember the original event, the Life Alignment process unravels the associated negative charge and frees us from this repetition of negativity. In other words we can remember without the associated negative charge.  On the other hand, positive experiences and their ensuing positive feelings have the power to expand our being and promote health and well being.  We are either “humming in-tune” or we are “humming off-key” – and we certainly can sense the difference on some level.

onion“Our task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all barriers within ourselves that we have built against it”.

The area of the body where the memory is stored very often relates to the emotional content of the memory itself.  Certain emotions gravitate through their vibration to the organs and energy system to which they most closely correspond. In other words, illnesses or symptoms often have a symbolic relationship to emotional trauma because the language of the sub-conscious mind is the language of metaphor and images.  For instance, at its most basic equivalence, kidneys are known to store fear, the liver holds onto anger, while resentment and grief gravitate to the lungs.

In the west we are culturally brought up to believe that we have a physical body and, until recently, that we also have a spiritual soul. However both science and medicine, until now, have focused only on physical matter that can be quantified and measured.   Emerging new scientific research shows that the reality is somewhat different – we are actually multi-dimensional beings with several other subtle energy bodies which include the etheric, emotional, mental and higher spiritual bodies.  The physical body has the lowest vibrational frequency; our other energy bodies both infuse and envelop us in ever higher frequencies as they spread away from the physical body.  These subtle bodies make up what is known as our aura, our electro-magnetic field, and even though we can’t see them with our eyes (because they vibrate too quickly) they are just as real as our physical body.

“Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter”.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate, 1937, Hungary.

hothandModern technologies can now pick up these frequencies and even record them.  An example being Kirlian photography, devised in 1939 in U.S.S.R by Senyon Kirlian.  The process uses pulsed high voltage frequencies and electron cascades to take pictures of the usually invisible, radiating energy fields that surround us.  Quantum physics has shown us that underlying the material world, and permeating through it, is an infinite world of energy and potential – the “zero point field” or the “quantum vacuum”.  Everything emerges out of this vacuum of apparent nothingness – it is the matrix for life.

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy frequencies in the body”
William A Tiller, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Material Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

manIt is through our subtle bodies that we connect with this beneficial, ultra-high frequency energy – the life giving force of the universe – and bring it into the physical dimension for expression in our daily lives. It is drawn down (via the Chakras or subtle energy vortices) into the body, nourishing every cell, organ and system.  This universal energy is vital to health and psychological wellbeing but blockages and imbalances in our aura and physical body distort and weaken the flow of energy.  This means that sooner or later we feel sluggish and out of balance; symptoms begin to appear and we get sick if they are not cleared.

Einstein was well ahead of his time when he stated that you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.  You have to go to a higher level of frequency or consciousness.  Life Alignment works at the level of energy, a higher level of frequency, identifying and clearing the way for health to return.  This has a profound effect on all levels and especially on the physical level, in the body-mind itself.  Life Alignment is a potent means to fine-tune our whole system.

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