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Personal Training

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side – it is greener where you water it”. Anon


Course Length:  This training is run on two days although each day can also stand alone if required.  It is a mixture of theory and practical exercises and skills, ensuring that the programme is an in-depth learning experience.


Self Awareness – It is all about you.

Have you ever wondered why everything works better when you are in a good mood?  This training day concentrates on personal effectiveness and how to get the best out of yourself.  It examines the connection between positive emotion, thinking clearly and being your best.  It includes self awareness, self management, stress management, self esteem; self discipline; motivation, positive attitude; motivation and setting clear outcomes.


“The Heart of Relationships” concentrates on how to get the best out of others; how to build strong, enriching relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and family; how to be part of a team or how to lead and inspire others.  It includes how to develop empathy and rapport.  It also focuses on language – how to talk so others are keen to listen to you and how to listen so that others can think and speak clearly.

A TASTE OF NLP – The difference that makes the difference.

Everyone is talking about NLP these days and you may be wondering what it is all about.  This experiential training day explores this highly effective set of skills and techniques.  It demystifies it for the lay person while providing enjoyable skills to use straight away.

Course Length: One day

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of human excellence and provides a body of knowledge about how human beings make sense of their experience and interaction with others.  It is a powerful form of brief therapy that taps into the subconscious mind and enables transformation to take place.

• Neuro – stands for our thoughts, the nervous system and how incoming information is processed by our brains.
• Linguistic – is to do with both verbal and non-verbal language and how we communicate to others and to ourselves.
• Programming – is how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals

“Reality” is not something that is “out there”, but something that we construct in our own minds; it is shaped by the way we process our experience.  Many of us hold beliefs that limit our potential and these fundamental attitudes often remain unconscious and unexamined.  We frequently, subconsciously sabotage our creativity and aspirations and then wonder why we are dissatisfied and have failed to reach our goals.

If we understand the conscious and unconscious structure of how we do what we do, then we have choices.  We have the choice to refine what we do; we have the choice to stop what we do if it is not working any more; we have the choice to do it differently.

TRAIN YOUR MIND: Using Meditation and Visualisation.

Course Length: One day

Contrary to popular belief, most education does not train or strengthen the mind and information is not absorbed automatically.  The mind needs to be in the optimum state of deep relaxation coupled with high alertness.  This relaxed-alert state has come to be seen as a highly prized state for education and any professional person wanting to improve performance in any field.

Regular meditation practise has been scientifically proven to significantly increase concentration and cognitive functioning.  Other benefits include: reducing stress, improving memory, curbing hyperactivity, boosting the immune system, improving behaviour and enhancing performance.  Regular practise will ensure a workforce that is healthier and who takes less days off due to stress and sickness.  It will also encourage more productivity amongst staff because they will be fully engaged and present on the task in hand.

In this training you will learn the immediate and long term benefits of meditation and visualisation techniques and know how to develop them through experiential practises.  You will learn techniques to strengthen the mind and make learning fast, effective and fun.

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