Student Workshops

Students Workshops

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” Satachinanda


“The world will belong to the learners whereas the learned will find themselves perfectly prepared for a world that no longer exists”.

The world is changing rapidly and we need to develop flexibility and accelerate our ability to learn new skills in order to stay abreast of current thinking and events.  This is as true for the Business Executive as it is for sportsmen and women, and students of all ages.

Caroline teaches the psychology of effective learning and performance through a combination of accelerated learning techniques and “learning how to learn” skills for lifelong learning and adaptability.  An essential prerequisite to learning fast is to cultivate an attitude of curiosity, exploration and a willingness to suspend judgement and think outside the existing “box” or paradigm.
Would you like to:

  • Overcome emotional blocks to learning?
  • Understand your amazing brain and learn how to accelerate its performance?
  • Learn how stress and negative emotions switch off the thinking brain and how to counteract this?
  • Discover and use your unique learning style?
  • Understand how your memory works and how to improve it?
  • Power read – learn different speeds of reading for different purposes?
  • Make effective notes for maximum recall?
  • Learn writing skills to impress and receive top acclaim?
  • Organise your time efficiently?
  • Learn how to maximise recall by making effective notes?
  • Overcome exam panic and fear of failure?
  • Use exam techniques that ensure top results?
  • Deliver inspiring and memorable presentations?
  • Raise your game in any sport?

Course Length:  The course can run from 3 to 5 days according to the individual requirements of the school or college. It can be experienced as a group training or on a one to one basis.

This is a highly effective and enjoyable study skills course aimed at, and appropriately adapted to, Common Entrance, GCSE, “A” level, undergraduate and graduate students


This course is the ultimate performance boosting course for students of all ages.

It is based on a successful behaviour management research project that I was asked to devise and run in a Wiltshire School.  The success of the programme in decreasing the emotional and behavioural difficulties and increasing the positive social skills of the children in such a short time would suggest that this programme would be beneficial as a whole school approach in all schools – both primary and secondary.  If children feel good about themselves they can access their intelligence and engage fully in the learning process.  This is a fundamental pre-requisite to accessing their full potential and being their best at whatever they set out to do.  There would seem to be a simple equation: “Feel Good, Think Smart, Be Your Best”.

For full details of the project please contact me.

Course Length – This course can be run either as a two day intensive or run over the course of a term for one morning or afternoon a week.

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