Training Testimonials


“I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the training that Dr Mann provided.  The course was excellent as was Caroline as presenter.  She is clearly an expert who can relate to non experts.  The Corporate Management Board is made up of myself, as Chief Executive, and four Strategic Managers.  All of us were very impressed with the training.  It provided a mix of high quality learning about emotional intelligence with practical examples related to our working environment.  Caroline showed a remarkable ability to apply the academic research and learning into issues from which we could all learn.  As a group we are not always the easiest audience to deal with, but Caroline managed to challenge us all in a positive way and the learning that we have had from her has been used to positive benefit in the workplace.

I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to others as someone who is extremely knowledgeable about her area, but can equally relate it to a working environment”.
B. Marshall.  The Chief Executive of North Wiltshire District Council.

“The course exceeded my expectations.  It reinforced a number of issues for me but extended my learning.  Caroline’s style of presentation is first class.  Good communication, presentation and interventions.  A sense of humour as well!  It was a great day – could do with a few more like this”.
Strategic Manager for a public sector organisation.  Wiltshire.

“I found the course really stimulating!  It encouraged me to be even more confident and comfortable with myself.  It was excellent and I would like to learn more.  I was stretched by the interactive sessions and exercises”.
Strategic Manager.  North Wiltshire.

“Caroline had an excellent style – relaxed but purposeful.  I thoroughly enjoyed the three days – it is rare for me to be kept engaged on a topic so effectively for such a long time!”
Strategic Manager of a public sector organisation.  Wiltshire.

“The training provided was excellent, covering a range of activities, helping us to reflect upon our strengths and areas of development on an individual and team approach.  Caroline has excellent interpersonal skills, subject knowledge and organisational skills.  It was an extremely worthwhile exercise which we all greatly benefited from and are looking to repeat in the near future”
Mrs V Parsey.  Headteacher, Applecroft Primary School, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

“I highly recommend Caroline Mann for training that promotes the well being of staff resulting in a more positive workforce and strong team spirit”.
Mrs Patterson, Headteacher, Woodlands Primary School, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

“Caroline had excellent presentation skills which was noted by all those who attended”.
Jeff Williams, the Jolly Williams Partnership, Wiltshire.

“The training met my expectations – it was really good and thought provoking.  Caroline’s style was excellent – very engaging – good at keeping the pace and delivery of information. I would like to know more!”
Strategic Manager of a public sector organisation.  Wiltshire.

“I found the course very interesting and challenging and enjoyable”.
Strategic Manager of a public sector organisation.  East Hampshire.

“Having attended one of Dr Mann’s courses on Meditation and Visualisation, I am more than convinced that this is the way forward especially in the learning environment.  Here at last is an opportunity for students to de-clutter, absorb relevant information and empower themselves towards success.  A future that no amount of fact cramming will ever achieve.

Dr Mann’s delivery of this course was articulate, highly informed and very encouraging.  She has researched her material rigorously, facilitating full and coherent responses to all questions, from the physiology of the brain to inspiration for visualisation.  The course was presented using a sound scientific basis fanning out to how the most effective practises are essential as a learning aid.  Providing each member of the course with a comprehensive workbook file marking out each aspect of the course, Dr Mann’s research was both explained and justified with impressive evidence.  Dr Mann herself is a very bright and reassuring presence with which to share such intimate space!”
Pam Gudgin.  Bacons College, London.

“The course on Friday was excellent.  As well as being based on current research the course was very practical and showed how new approaches could be used in the classroom.  Most of the content was new to the teachers present and I’m sure they found the course very useful.”
Marion McLean.  Head Teacher, E. Ayrshire.

“It was excellent, very useful and very relevant to my and my school’s current needs.  This course should be made compulsory to all teachers.  Get the government to agree on its principles and implement in schools”.
Nottingham Early Years Teacher.

“Caroline is an inspirational speaker”.
Glasgow teacher.

“Excellent course.  I really enjoyed listening to the presentation. It was much more informative and educational than endless workshops.  It is the best course I have been on for a long time”.
Glasgow teacher.

“An excellent presenter – she was very personal and very kind.  She rekindled my desire to learn more”.
Edith McMillam.  Glasgow teacher.

“Caroline was very warm and approachable as well as being very knowledgeable.  The extensive handouts were very supportive”
F. Fullerton – teacher.

“I couldn’t fault Caroline’s style: super voice, speed of delivery, content and change of activity when needed!”
W. McKeryie.  Teacher.

“She was very interesting and amusing – it was a very enjoyable session”.
C. Cunningham.  Teacher.

“Caroline’s style was very interesting, full of illustrations and anecdotes.  I loved the exercises.  The day was really effective professional development for me personally with lots of suggestions to take back.  It was a great eye opener”.
J. Magenin.  Liverpool teacher.

“Caroline was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and easy to listen to”.
Glasgow Teacher.

“Great.  She was very informative and funny!”
P.A. Osborne.  Liverpool.

“The day was very useful, stimulating and with lots of ideas with practical applications.  The course was very well prepared and presented”.
Anne Hooker.  Year 4 Teacher.  Kent.

“Dr Mann was excellent, very professional.  The course was great and full of useful ideas that I will start tomorrow!  Can she come to our school for more INSET days?”
Dan File.  Year 4 teacher. Kent.

“The day was an excellent piece of INSET.  I’m inspired again!”
Fiona Wood. Reception Teacher.  Kent.

“The course was excellent – I have been enthralled all day”.
Liz Anan.  Healthy Schools Specialist.  Kent.

“Caroline has an excellent style of presentation – there was a good variety of activities.  It was a good interactive session in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere”.
Class teacher.  Glasgow.

“She was enthusiastic, entertaining and knowledgeable.  It has made me think!  I feel I will be more sensitive when dealing with pupils”.
Ruby Riddex, Teacher.  Ayreshire.

“The course was a valuable tool for helping staff to access a new way of thinking in a non threatening, supportive way – leading to change in classroom practice to the benefit of all learners”.
L. Walker.  Ayreshire.

“The course was excellent and I would like more of it that’s all!  It was excellent for staff development, raising self esteem (staff and children), helping children learn more effectively and children with challenging behaviour.  It was good for questioning our own techniques and delivery”.
F. Murray.  Ayreshire.

“Caroline’s enthusiasm was infectious.  Thank you!”
F. Black.  E. Ayrshire.

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