What is the origin of Life Alignment?


“The beauty is that you can get to the core of an issue in one session that might otherwise take years”
Jeff Levin

Life Alignment was developed by Dr Jeff Levin (Doctor of Natural Medicine) and is an ever growing body of knowledge.  After a time in the army, Jeff started his professional life as an architect with a thriving architectural practice in S. Africa.  Subsequently his own health issues forced him to look into both orthodox and alternative health solutions to alleviate his symptoms.

In the process of his research and exploration into health and healing, he became a nutritional consultant and healer who has been working with energy medicine for over 30 years.  He developed the revolutionary Life Alignment systems – including the Vortex Technology system, to access and facilitate the healing of the root causes of disease.

He spends 9 months of the year travelling the world teaching his techniques to health practitioners (including doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychotherapists and complimentary health practitioners) as well as to lay people. As he says:

“Once we begin to understand that we are primarily spiritual beings working through the limitations of physical bodies, our consciousness begins to change.  And once we change our consciousness and clear the issue at the cellular memory level, there is no longer a need to maintain physical symptoms or to repeat negative patterns”

“The beauty is that you can get to the core of an issue in one session that might otherwise take years.  If someone had problems with their marriage or relationships, if you don’t go back to the seed of it (the issue/problem), you can work on it for years and never, ever clear it.  Psychological problems can get completely shifted because you go back to the root”. Jeff Levin.


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