Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does Life Alignment work?

Life Alignment Practitioners access the inner intelligence (or the “bio-computer”) of the client, with the use of applied kinesiology and pendulum dowsing, in order to identify the root causes of pain, illness, emotional blocks or general feelings of ‘stuck-ness’ and imbalance.

It works by priority – what needs to be released first according to the innate wisdom of the client.  Some people refer to this as their Higher Self or expanded consciousness.

The practitioner first identifies the area of the body (physical or subtle body) that needs balancing using in-depth medical charts to home in on the specific (priority) body point, and the associated body points, that are involved.  They then identify the emotional issues and blockages (the story and the related circuitry) and the energy flow around the imbalance that is encoded in the cellular memory.

Using specific, precise, processes and techniques they balance the energy flow while releasing the trauma and the charge around the story. In the process, old negative programs of thought and belief are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of life including the health of the physical body.

Vortex technology is used in the process.

2. What is Vortex Technology?

VortexVortex Technology uses a variety of small but potent vortex cards.  Philippa Lubbock explains the concept in her book on Life Alignment (2010, p.134).  The molecules in a weak magnet have been restructured so as to emit subatomic particles, which vibrate close to Earth’s natural energy frequency of 7.83Hz, being the alpha rhythm of human brainwaves.  These restructured magnets are called Vortex Cards. Each of the different Vortex cards is identified by its specific sacred geometric code which carries a vibrational resonance.  The card’s thin magnetic strip, protected by a laminate coating, emits this particular energy frequency.  Specific cards are placed on precise locations on the body in the course of the treatment session in order to amplify and deepen the healing process.

The cards can also create a quantum energy field which have a powerful balancing and healing effect not only on our personal energy but also on our home and environment.  They are used in individual Life Alignment sessions as well as in Distant Healing sessions.

For further information on Life Alignment and Vortex cards see Philippa Lubbock’s book – “Life Alignment – heal your life and discover your soul’s true purpose”, Watkins Publishing, London, 2010.

3. What do I wear for a session?

Wear comfortable clothing; you will remain fully clothed throughout the session.  After an initial consultation you will be asked to lie on a treatment bed, covered by a blanket.

4. How will I feel after the treatment?

waterdropEvery one is different and will experience different reactions to the treatment.  It is important to remember that there may be some symptoms of detoxification as a result of the session.  This is a good sign and suggests that there has been a shift at a cellular level.

Drink plenty of water to minimise any symptoms.  It is a useful stage of spring cleaning before new energy can come in.



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