Life Alignment Testimonials


“Life Alignment was like nothing I have ever experienced. Caroline was able to quickly diagnose a deep-seeded ailment (my “primary”) that I was not conscious of having. It soon became clear that this ailment was the root of much of the ambient psychic pain I have been living with for some time. Within 24 hours of my first Life Alignment session, I felt lighter, more at peace with myself, and less depressed. The twitch in my face, which I have lived with for years, disappeared overnight.  A two-hour Life Alignment session accomplished what five years of psychotherapy did in an earlier phase of my life. It’s the closest thing I have ever seen to a cure-all. I can’t wait to try it again!”

John Tintera, New York.

‘My Life Alignment sessions with Caroline have been transformational and life changing. The profound way in which this process identifies whatever is holding you back and helps you to release and heal is extraordinarily powerful and empowering. Caroline is a wonderfully warm and a highly-skilled practitioner and a true healer. I trust her implicitly.
I am so grateful to her for helping me to connect – and embody – who I truly am’.
Annie Lionnet, Somerset.

“Life Alignment is incredibly powerful. The day after my Life Alignment session with Caroline, I stopped smoking. I had smoked for over 5 years and failed to give up many times, but after the session, which addressed the root causes of why I smoked, I haven’t touched a cigarette in 2 years and more importantly, haven’t once wanted a cigarette. Life Alignment is revolutionary because it addresses the root causes of problems, and helps to dramatically shift your negative perception of events, people, and memories. I cannot recommend it highly enough”.
BTVM, London.

Caroline Mann is a multi-faceted healer-therapist whose wisdom work is inspired by the Life Alignment process founded by Jeff Levin. I was lucky enough to experience her subtle, gentle, profound gift and was deeply touched by the effectiveness of her simplicity, lightness of being and the depth reached in a relatively short time. Her healing approach based on a lifetime’s dedication and service demonstrates the effectiveness of this groundbreaking bodywork.
With thanks
Chloe Goodchild
Founder: The Naked Voice

“Caroline Mann and the  Life Alignment treatment have been a life changing experience. Caroline herself is an empathetic and professional practitioner. I felt from the very first session I was in a safe environment, but I also had space which enabled me to grow.

The experience helped me pinpoint my personal obstacles which had aided me in maintaining the circumstances where I had become stuck.

Within a careful healing process Caroline enabled me to understand my life patterns and why I have repeatedly chosen certain routes which have impaired my self growth. The treatment has empowered me to make necessary changes- this has been poignant for me as my life has become my own.

The Life Alignment experience has been liberating as it has allowed me to be much more proactive in my future.  Perhaps what I have recognised with Caroline’s help is that although we cannot change our past, we all have the potential to change our future.
Mrs R, Wiltshire.

“I am a confident and successful person in my career as a jeweller; I liked to hide behind that front.  I knew for a long time that I had many unsolved issues which may have made me ill one day. I struggled for many years alone with self help-books, good friends and Yoga. Things became gradually worse as life patterns, bad relationship patterns repeated themselves. It took great courage to contact Caroline Mann and she suggested Life Alignment therapy for me. This method unblocked deep seated causes to my issues whose existence I was not aware of. It changed my way of seeing myself, others and my life.

I can really say that this Life Alignment therapy has unblocked something major in my life. I feel confident, really love myself and can reassure my mind. I know now how my mother’s words, that influenced my way of thinking and my life so much, were never meant to be so personal and damaging and also she had only the resources at the time to act like that. The same way as I have forgiven myself for mistakes I made, as I only had the resources to act like that at that time.

You are wise and the way you helped me so far was a miracle to me. I remember how much courage I needed to even email you. I never thought I could open up like that. It very much helps to know when, where and why things and stuff became such big blockages. I had suffered for so long and surely it would have made me ill one day.

Thank you so much for everything. I love your method. I feel as there is not enough in one hug to tell you how grateful I am. I am now in touch again with my dreams, talents and friends and my relationships are true. I feel trusting, positive and self-believing. My favourite quote that you told me is: “you cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf!”
Pia Kern, London.

There have been some powerful shifts from the Life Alignment Session.  I feel it has really shifted something deep inside me and that my life can truly begin now. I feel much more grounded and in my power, like the last vestiges of trauma holding me back from fulfilling my potential have been sloughed away. Life feels full of infinite possibilities.  After 52 years of struggle and great hardship my life is happening at last and your work has given me another important piece of this.
Nicholas David Ngen

Life Alignment Therapy with Caroline Mann – a Testimonial

Before my introductory Life Alignment session with Caroline I was very sceptical.  However, having recently emerged from a gruelling year of cancer treatment, and with a great desire to stay firmly in remission, I was keen to try anything that might remove deep-seated stresses or buried anxieties that could have contributed to my illness.

I had no real expectations, so I was rather shocked when Caroline asked if the year 1976 meant anything to me.  It was certainly pivotal as it was the year I married, although I couldn’t see why this would have been the source of any negative feelings.

During the next hour, with gentle coaxing from Caroline, I recalled it was also a very dark time of family quarrels and, soon, the hurt and anger that I had buried long ago came bubbling back to the surface. From this miserable scenario, Caroline then focused on the positives of the situation and by the end of the session I felt incredibly calm and peaceful.

The calmness and well-being stayed with me over the next few days and continued recollections helped me piece together the jigsaw of my past anxiety giving an increasing sense of clarity about my hidden demons.

Life Alignment certainly resolved a few issues for me and Caroline has such an empathetic and gentle approach that I would thoroughly recommend her practice.
Christine Hurley.

“Caroline Mann is an excellent example of what a practitioner represents- professional. Professionalism is an important topic within our holistic community. Practitioners like Caroline understand the importance of maintaining a sense of professionalism in order to uphold our duty of care to the patient as well as representing an entire professional body.

Her academic background has been impressive for many years but this does not stop Caroline’s continuous desire to study to further her knowledge. She has a natural ability to engage with patients and colleagues alike, a unique attribute as she is able to be a practitioner as well as teach her profession!

Caroline is a highly trained, competent professional who has enabled a great deal of people through Life Alignment to reach their optimum potential.

Her demeanour is that of a skilled and thoroughly qualified practitioner. I am in no doubt when I state that Caroline Mann is a valuable member of our holistic community”.
Suzie Reyes-Nichol
Homeopathic Medical Practitioner and CEASE qualified.
Director, Salisbury Homeopathy College

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